Machine Learning Consulting: 3 Decades of Experience at Your Service

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Let’s go for a quick check. Do you suffer from any symptoms stated below:

A checklist for non-IT enterprises

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Your internal processes are impaired, which makes your performance (e.g., OEE, churn %, lead-to-account conversion rate) below either the targets or industry benchmarks.

Your forecasting lacks accuracy, and nobody trusts it.

You are at great pains to fix operations when they are unexpectedly disrupted (e.g., deal with out-of-stocks or equipment failures).

A checklist for SaaS vendors

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Your potential customers fly away to your competitors as their software is machine learning-based while yours is not.

Your existing customers long for machine learning features that you can’t offer yet. Some of your loyal customers have already switched to competitors for this reason.

With even one symptom diagnosed, consider machine learning consulting by as your efficient treatment. We know how to put an end to flawed predictions, impaired processes, or customer churn.

Why IS Machine Learning Consulting by Totally Different from Your In-House Analytics?

Don’t fall in the trap of equating in-house data analytics talent to machine learning capabilities. In reality, it can take you 2-3 years to grow from the former to the latter. By choosing this long path, you give a head start to your competitors who involve professional consultants, as they would need just a couple of months to get machine learning on board and start reaping benefits from it.

Consider the options of developing an in-house team vs. opting for an external consultancy as years vs. months of effort and missed opportunities vs. gained competitive advantage. Turn to consultants to get powerful machine learning capabilities before your competitors do.

Machine Learning with ScienceSoft

Outpace Your Competitors with Us

With , You Get a Trusted Consulting Partner

With , you get experience

If you rely on a consultancy that lacks either competence or experience, your machine learning endeavor may turn into a waste of time and money. When you choose you choose 31 years of experience in data science (including deep learning and AI), and guaranteed success:

What an inexperienced consulting company can deliver
What guarantees
Data preparation
Machine learning implementation
User adoption
Additional bonus
  • We run thorough data cleaning and noise reduction procedures so that your decisions are backed up by high-quality data.
  • We train and test machine learning models so that your predictions are accurate.
  • We conduct training so that your end users and administrators make the most of machine learning capabilities that our consultants delivered. We provide support consultations so that you can evolve your machine learning capabilities as your data grows.
  • Optionally, we can deliver an application so that end users could conveniently access and use the findings that machine learning provides. We can also establish integrations with other applications to feed them with the output of machine learning algorithms.

With you get extra insights in your domain

We have domain knowledge in your industry, our focal ones being manufacturing, retail and wholesale, professional services, healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications.

You also benefit from experience in multiple analytics domains, such as:

  • Supply chain management
  • Production efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Quality management
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Customer behavior prediction
  • Image and video analysis
  • Natural language processing
Still Not Sure If We Can Solve Your Machine Learning Challenge?
Try us. Let our consultants know your pain, and we’ll come up with the plan of how we are going to relieve it.